night heron high deck stip build - i want to make a modification

ok....i am finally starting my first strip project (after 11 stitch and glues) and i selected the night heron high-deck. 

i paddle tested both the high deck and the low deck night heron and, while i liked the look of the low deck better, i needed a bit more knee bend that the high deck, with its higher shear, offered.

the challenge/question i have is that the high deck design, in addition to higher sheer, in the bow section, has a deck that is angled up to the center line where it makes a very clear, chine like break.....which i really don't care for.  i like the gentle curve of the deck of the low deck model.

when i think about the extra knee room that i needed, it is really created out towards the sheers/sides.  so it appears i could round off the sharp angle on the deck center line that i really don't care for....and give me something that has more of the look of the low deck.....with a the extra height where i need it....and where the high deck form is just fine.

does anybody have any advice on how i could make this modification in a way that will not create other problems or unanticipated consequences?   i guess my biggest question is how to approach drawing this new outline on the forms and assure i will still preserve proper lines/not create a dip in the hull.

thanks in advance for the advice.



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RE: night heron high deck stip build - i want to make a modification

I think the answer is slowly!  Trim a little bit off the first two or three forms tapering gradually.  Then tape or fasten a couple of strips with a dab of hot glue and stand back and look at the lines.  You probably want to add shear line strips as well.  If you like the look decide if you want to take a bit more over 4 to 5 forms.  As long as you go slow, put strips on to help see the line you should be fine.  Idealy in the end you will gradually taper almost all the way to the end. Most kayaks taper down from the front of the cockpit and back up towards the end.

You could also take a profile picture or the drawing from online, use a graphic program or print out and take a pencil or scissor to the diagram.  Then scale it onto the forms.  Sort of like lofting the design from plans.

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