Unknown stitch and glue boat

Can anyone help me identify this boat?  It's about 14 feet long, I'm not sure of the beam but it looks like about 3 feet.  It seems to be made of three pieces of 1/4 inch plywood with one frame amidships.  There are no thwarts, no oar locks, no floatation chambers.  Both ends are exactly the same.  It is at an estate sale and I doubt the little old lady who lived there built it.  It doesn't look like it has ever been in the water.


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RE: Unknown stitch and glue boat

Picture's a little small, but it looks like a cross between a dory and a pirogue. Looks like the best way to paddle it is kneeling. It's probably tippy at first, then as it leans it'll get more stable.



RE: Unknown stitch and glue boat

Looks to me like one of a number of so-called "weekend canoes" -- pirogue-type boats that will get you out on the water in minimum style with minimum work and minimum expense. Here are a couple of videos:




RE: Unknown stitch and glue boat

One more thing: most of these are not stitch and glue -- rather they tend to be screw and glue, generally using sheetrock screws. Think cheap.

RE: Unknown stitch and glue boat

That's definitely a "Six Hour Canoe."  They could be built either with chine logs or stitch-and-glue style.  The "Peace Canoe" is a distant relation.

RE: Unknown stitch and glue boat

The Peace Canoe must be a very very distant relation.  It was in no way near the quality of anything produced by CLC.  It has a relatively narrow bottom suggesting low freeboard when carrying an adult.   I guess that must be one reason it had never been used and aparantly it may never be as they were asking $700 and no one was interested.  Just goes to show what a bargain CLC kits are.

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