Two-Person Cruising Faering

Anybody interested in putting money in a kitty to get John Harris to put a set of plans together for a 2-person Cruising Faering?


I read with great interest the article in the recent Boat Design Quarterly about John's Cruising Faering, which was recently bult and launched by CLC. A great looking boat with some real adventure potential. But if most of you are at all like me, I'm more interested in sharing my adventures, so the solo Faering is a non-starter.  


John will do a redesign to make a 2-person boat for around $4500. If we can get 10 people to pony up, we could make this boat a reality, and I could begin my build this fall/winter!



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RE: Two-Person Cruising Faering

I love the idea, but can't afford it right now.  If a two-man version were available, it would definitely become my first priority.  Anyone know how seaworthy the faering is with those low sides?

RE: Two-Person Cruising Faering

The designing cost is $4500 or the kit would cost $4500


RE: Two-Person Cruising Faering

I assume that the kit cost of $4500 would be not include the cost of the sail rig???  I really like the idea of a little bit larger camping cruiser, even though I understand that it is called Chesapeake LIGHT Craft for a reason.

RE: Two-Person Cruising Faering

I would love to see a two-person version with enough payload to handle long trips. Maybe we should start a kickstarter project. Everyone who is interested can chip in what they can afford.


RE: Two-Person Cruising Faering

The DESIGN fee would be $4500. I guess John would sell the plans for something along the lines of plans prices on the CLC site. I don't even think a KIT is contemplated at this point.


Good question about the seaworthiness of the Faering given the low freeboard. Don't know the answer.

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