My first build. Annapolis Tandem Wherry

Well...I should have gotten around to posting this picture last May. But I've been out having too much fun in my new boat!  My wife gave me the kit for Christmas last December. I started in right away and had the boat finished by April.  April  was too cold in Wisconsin this year, and there was still ice on the lakes, so I had to wait until May to launch her. She's called "Andiamo", which is Itslian for "Let's go!"  


I had a ton of fun building her. As the weather cools down around her, I'll bring her in for a few minor modifications: replace and glass the skeg, touch up the exterior paint, replace the plastic seats on the row wings with mahogany ones, and add a bronze eye to the breast hook so tha I can have a little painter to tie her up occasionally. 


I love this little boat, and along with my new rowing partner, were out 3-4x per week pulling 6 or 7 miles. Nothing finer than an early Wisconsin sunrise on a placid lake in my CLC boat!


next up...the Cruising Faering!!!    Ge those plans finished, guys!! I want to start next month! 


JF"Andiamo" tandem wherry

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RE: My first build. Annapolis Tandem Wherry

To me the Annapolis Wherry is one of the most beautiful boats in the fleet. Yours is no exception. Congratulations and enjoy!

George K

RE: My first build. Annapolis Tandem Wherry

Very nice indeed.  I bet it's loads of fun to get two rowers on that sled and fly across the water.


RE: My first build. Annapolis Tandem Wherry

Beautiful boat! I just ordered mine today. I am thinking abut getting oars from concept 2 and was admiring your oars. Would you please tell me what oar length, shaft type, blade type, and grips that you have and how you like them? I am a novice rower for sure, but I'm a bit overwhelmed with all the options they have available. Thanks! And again, she's a beauty! 

RE: My first build. Annapolis Tandem Wherry

I went with Concept 2's recommendations. I was also a novice rower last winter (still novice, but working hard at mastery!)...Went with the Fat2 blades, lightweight shaft, normal stiffness, adjustable handle, with solid black rubber grips. I'm happy with the oars...but I can't say I know much difference, although I DID try out a set of oars when CLC came out to Madison a few weeks ago, and I liked mine a lot better...but I couldn't tell you why. Maybe just use and habit?


Have fun with your build, and more importantly, enjoy your rowing!



RE: My first build. Annapolis Tandem Wherry

Your boat ooks really great!! I just ordered mine and I am trying to plan my finish. How did you do the inside? I don't want to paint it, but I also don't think varnish/bright is the way to go for my taste either. Is yours stained?

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