2nd epoxy coat on WD 12

Well I finally got the fiberglass epoxyied on the deck of my first WD12 hybred (Learning Curve).  I liked the tip that some builders have given about running a strip of packing tape along the sides, 2 in below the deck, to use as a guide for trimming the excess glass.  But next time I am going to use colored tape!  With clear tape it was really hard to tell just where the tape ended and the fiberglass started.  

I am looking for advice on applying the 2nd and 3rd coat of epoxy.   Do I epoxy just the top half of the hull, turn it over and do the bottem side?  Do I mask the other part somehow?  The hull is made up of seperate panels - do I epoxy the panels separatly or do one side at a time?

I wish someone would invent a Kayak dip or maybe a boat roller so I could apply epoxy (and varnish) like you role corn-on-the-cobb in a stick of butter.  

What's the best strategy for applying the 2nd and 3rd epoxy coats?


Thanks Everyone!


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RE: 2nd epoxy coat on WD 12

If you have the time, prop it up on its side and do your finish coats one side at a time. I found you can lay it on this way without having the runs you would get if it where up or down. Are you going to graphite the bottom? If so, tape your finished sides then you can varnish over the line a little.

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