kaholo 14 maiden voyage!

hello all.  i wanted to thank everyone for the input along the way.  i built a 14' kaholo from plans.  it took longer than expected due to having a 2 year old daughter.  but i am very pleased with the outcome.  i put a strip deck on an okoume hull.  the deck is made from mostly salvaged/repurposed cedar and cypress.  i also built the paddle from cedar and poplar.  thanks again for the help along the way!

here are a few picutres of when i launched her and after i got home and washed her off!


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RE: kaholo 14 maiden voyage!

Chad very nice Kaholo. Love the strip deck. Where did you get the deck pads I havent seen that desighn before ? What was the weight ? I would guess about 43 lbs.

RE: kaholo 14 maiden voyage!

Hey thanks for the kind words.  I do love the strip deck too!  I got the deck pads online from kingspaddlesports.com I actually bought full length size pads and cut them down.  I will use the leftover for my wife's 12-6 kaholo when I get started.  The weight ended up being 40 pounds.  Heavier than I wanted but not too bad with the strip deck. Next one I will go a bit less on the fillets.  time to order the 12-6 kaholo plans now!


RE: kaholo 14 maiden voyage!

Bad to the bone Bro!



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