Passagemaker Sailing Rig

I have been very happy with the manual for the Passagemaker Dinghy up to this point, but now that I am to the point of setting up the Gunter Sloop Rig.  I feel like the level of detail I need to continue is missing.  Is there any source of better photos and more detailed instructions available?  It seems that the manual assumes a greater level of sailboat rigging knowledge than I have.  I need very basic instructions, including ways to lash sails to the yard and boom, how to attach halyards, cleats to the mast, etc.  Any help would be appreciated.

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RE: Passagemaker Sailing Rig/ skerry Gunter sloop rig

I feel the same about the Gunter sloop rig for the Skerry. Are there pictures, or instructions somewhere around?


RE: Passagemaker Sailing Rig

Guys, check out the Passagemaker's owners site:

Lots of info. 

George K

RE: Passagemaker Sailing Rig

   Here is my P.M. with Lug rig with E.C. custom sail. Main Sheet is not hooked up in the photo.


RE: Passagemaker Sailing Rig

   One more try!


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