fiberglass edge showing

I mated the deck to the hull on my Petrel.  I decided to do another layer of glass on the hull and lapped it over the shear seam about two inches.  I used masking tape as a guide on the deck, and ran the glass over the edge of the tape.  When it was rubbery, before the cure, I knifed the glass along the tape. leaving a sharp edge. I don't think I cut into the glass underneath.  I filled the weave with two coats, leaving it a bit back from the edge of the glass.  I sanded the deck and sanded the raw edge, feathered to the deck, and layed on what I was hoping to be the last epoxy coat.  The raw edge is visible, like a silver dotted line.  I looks like the threads that run length wise in the glass where cut on an angle, and they refract the light.  I sanded one section down again, by hand, really trying to blend the edge in, it looked good, but putting epoxy on, the edge shows again.  Any ideas on how to get rid of the line?

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RE: fiberglass edge showing


That sounds like exactly what I've done on various boats, except that I only nicked one end of the glass with the razor to start it and tore the rest. I also did this before filling the weave. The result was a fuzzy ridge with randomly torn fibers that I then sanded with #220 paper to feather it.

Unfortunately, I think that your analysis is correct and you've managed to create a row of light pipes by binding the glass with the fill coats and then cutting rather than tearing. Short of completely removing the glass and trying again I can't think of a way to get rid of it and still have a bright finish. Maybe cover it up with an accent stripe (paint or vinyl)?

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