Deck plate question

Hello. I am finishing out my build of a Kaholo 14.  Varnishing now and should be in water next week.  I looked at previous posts but couldn't find what I was looking for.  When installing my deck plate, what is the best method of sealing it?  I thought someone had posted that they used plumbers putty??  But thought the normal method is clear silicone??  Any thoughts?

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RE: Deck plate question

I'm in the process of bolting my deck plate down on my Kaholo right now.  While plumber's putty is an interesting idea, the instructions on the Beckson package recommend marine silicone.  It's specifically formulated to be able to withstand salt water and exterior conditions.  Whether you use clear or white is up to you.  And be sure to seal the edges of the cutout with unthickened epoxy, as well as using the "drill, fill, drill" method on the bolt holes (yes, I know that it's more waitint for epoxy to set up and you're so close to being done, but it's the best way to keep water out of your nice varnish finish).

RE: Deck plate question


Thanks for the reply.  I didn't order a beckson deck plate and it didn't come with instructions.  So, thank you!  I already sealed the cut edge of the opening and did the drill and fill method for the screw holes.  Now just need some clear marine silicone.

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