speed compatibility. SUP vs kayak

Hello all,

I got to wondering how compatable paddling a SUP along side a Cheseapeak Lt 16 or 17 would be.  Assuming equal skill paddlers would one outrun the other by a significant amount or would they be able to cruise together?

Almost finished with my Petrel but already dreaming about a next build. Is there a cure for this or is it a disease?


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RE: speed compatibility. SUP vs kayak

No cure, but it can be controlled by frequent applications of okoume, fiberglass, epoxy and varnish. Just sent Dr. John and his gang of med students a check and they'll put together a prescription for you.



RE: speed compatibility. SUP vs kayak

kayak will outrun a SUP  allways.

RE: speed compatibility. SUP vs kayak

I guess that means I will have to build 2 SUP's.  I think it would be poor form to leave my wife in my wake.

So much for a cure.  More like a fix.

RE: speed compatibility. SUP vs kayak

The SUP will lose every time and fail miserably in any kind if a headwind. The SUP is siccessful in the unique even natural posture standing offers but its an awful craft when its efficiency is measured against a sea kayak - particularly when conditions get challenging.



RE: speed compatibility. SUP vs kayak

I paddle a Shearwater 14 and my husband paddles a displacement racing SUP.   I am faster than he is in no wind conditions and much faster in a headwind, but he keeps up well downwind.  If it's a really strong downwinder he wins (no of course it's not a race). Note that the common surfboard-style SUPs are much slower than his SUP. 

I am working on a Kaholo 14 for him (things are going slower than planned - work/life keeps getting in the way) and we'll see how that does.  We average 3-3.5 mph on most of our paddles depending on how many breaks we take and conditions.  If I'm paddling with other fast kayaks I usually average 3.5-4+ mph.  If we're going out recreationally with friends in slow kayaks it's 2.5-3 mph.

I think you'll just have to build 2 SUP's!

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