Jimmy Skiff Skeg

Building a Jimmy Skiff from a kit and getting ready to put on the skeg.  Looking at the plans and instructions.  Should the skeg be glassed?  I know it must be epoxied a few times but did not see anything on glassing it.  Thanks

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RE: Jimmy Skiff Skeg

Just noticed that too in my manual! I would guess that it should be glassed as well to protect it from the water (since it says to use ply or wood) but here's the deal: I've never built a boat before, this is my first attempt :)

RE: Jimmy Skiff Skeg

Epoxy is good enough to waterproof it. It doesn't actually need any glass, though it will resist abrasion better, especially along the bottom edge, if you glass it. But a rocky bottom or concrete ramp will always get through glass eventually.

I have a 12-ft dinghy that's basically a V-bottomed version of the Jimmy Skiff. Its skeg is glued on (no screws) and has a taped seam down each side to hold it in place. I did not put any glass on the edge of the skeg. Instead, I picked up a length of brass half oval stock from CLC and attached it along the edge of the skeg. The metal takes the brunt of the scrapes. The brass is available here.

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