Kaholo 12-6 or 14?

I've been reading a lot on this forum.  All very inspiring.   I originally wanted my first project to be a WD12 Hybrid.   I am a bit intimidated by the kayak.  Now I am thinking to get feet wet, I may start with a Kaholo SUP.  I cant decide between the 12-6 and the 14'.  I'm 215 lbs (on a good day), but probably will not see much time on the board as the kids will commandeer it as soon as it hits the water.   Do you think I'd be better off with the 12-6?   Todd  

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RE: Kaholo 12-6 or 14?

At 215 lbs the 14' . The kids, how old are they ? Kids can trash a wood board real fast ! For kids I would buy an ULI , no way they can trash that !

RE: Kaholo 12-6 or 14?

14. Without a doubt. 

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