Varnishing and humidity

It's 55 degrees and raining.  I've been varnishing all week (1 coat/day), and I'm anxious to get the final coat on.  The Interlux can (Schooner Varnish) says humidity and moisture will spoil the gloss.  My question is, how bad is it?  Should I definitely not varnish?  This is not a museum quality finish, more of a "10 ft" type job (my first S&G build).  I do have a nice gloss going though and I'd hate to spoil it by being impatient.  Do I wait for drier weather?

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RE: Varnishing and humidity

Yes. Wait.

RE: Varnishing and humidity

Your statement:  "I've been varnishing all week (1 coat/day)" says it all if you're shooting for a 10' job - you're almost certainly at the 5' level already, and you're done - go paddle.  Both of my 5' jobs reached the 15' zone after 1 season. Therefore, I think you're done - Congrats!  Put it in the water!

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