Narrower Kaholo

I finished my Kaholo last month and love it. I am ready to build another one so when my wife and I go together we both have a good fast board and one of us, me, is not stuck on the 11ft planing hull board. I would like to make the second one narrower. My wife's favorite board she has tried was only 25" wide and it was a rough day out when she paddled it. Does anyone have any recs on narrowing the design? Am I even allowed to use my existing plans and modify them, or is that breaking a rule about one boat per one set of plans.?  

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RE: Narrower Kaholo

Not sure about "rules" but when you narrow the board nearly every part will be changed = new design. For a lighter paddler one could also thin the board, as in whack 3/4" or so off the side height. Be prepared to do a lot of fiddling, reshape planing, and whatever it takes to get the non-spec parts to stitch up with a sweet shape. Have fun! 

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