New All Cedar Kaholo

She finally saw the light of day this afternoon- an all cedar stripped Kaholo. Many thanks to everyone on this forum for all the help along the way. I've definitely been bitten by the bug and am already planning a future build(s).

What a learning experience. To another time I'm sure I'll do plenty of things differently, but I'm happy with the results.

Now I've got to finish this paddle so I can get 'er wet!

Thanks all,

Patrick North

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RE: New All Cedar Kaholo


RE: New All Cedar Kaholo

Too pretty!  Whats next?

RE: New All Cedar Kaholo

Thanks for the kind words. Reality is setting in that the kids will not long be satisfied with tagging along on the paddleboard, so it looks like a Wood Duckling or two is in the cards. Gosh, then I'll need a trailer- and then I might as well build a kayak for myself and...

It's " gentle madness," though, right?



RE: New All Cedar Kaholo

Unfortunately, they have yet to discover a cure for this disease.  I think its called  Wooden Boat Hyper Builder Disease, of "WoBoHyBi" disease.

Have fun.


RE: New All Cedar Kaholo

Patric, that is a beutiful board! Do you have a link to more pictures? Or could I bother you to email me some? Id love to see how the joined panels came out in the bow...


[email protected] 

RE: New All Cedar Kaholo

Hi Dave,

I haven't put my build pix up on Picassa, etc., but I'm sending you some via email. Let me know if they don't come through.

This was a bear, but to another time I think I could make it a lot easier on myself. Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes!



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