Kaholo deck pads?

I am not a real fan of the gray deck pads that clc has for the Kaholo.  I don't want gray deck pads on my pretty strip deck sup.  I had a couple thoughts....one, I have seen clear non skid deck surfacing.  However, it doesn't look like it will provide much cushion like the gray deck pads.  Or, I have seen some brown deck pads online, but can't find the same shape as the clc gray pads.  The only ones I can find are too long.  Any thoughts or suggestions?



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RE: Kaholo deck pads?

The Kaholo we built is trimed with black paint so grey was not the color we wanted to use for our deck pads.  We were able to find black material but not cut to size or shape, so we used the pads that came with the kit as templates and cut our own black deck pads.  You might be able to do the same.  Just take your time and use a sharp blade.

RE: Kaholo deck pads?

i used the CLC pads on one of my Kaholos, the one I have rigged up for fishing and riding really small surf.  I used the clear Versatraction pads on my other "clean" Koholo.  Both provide good grip, the clear is very nice.  I would want to use it on a strip built deck.  Where I live we use wetsuit booties almost 10 months out of the year so the non cushioning effect is less of a problem.  Im sure you can modify a different colored pad as well as Dave says above.  I am going to use the Versa trac pads on my Peeler floor over a varnished bright finish.  They will also do custom sizes for you too but they are easy enough to cut as well.


RE: Kaholo deck pads?

I non skidded my board with Awlgrip non skid sand dusted into clear LP varnish.  The finished color is white and looks so-so.  Also, it does not provide any cushion so my feet get tired.   I have heard of people using thick cork , about 1/4, which I am considering.  It is not too expensive and I have found it in the extensive McMaster Carr catalog.  

RE: Kaholo deck pads?

I had the same issue; I wanted a tan color. You can buy the material directly from SeaDek; it comes in various sizes. Very expensive stuff but exactly the same and a variety of colors. You can cut it really cleanly with a sharp razor or utility knife with a new blade; you can't even tell the difference on mine.

Check out SeaDek's website. You won't be disappointed.

Tim Madion



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