SWS & Greenland paddle

Sorry no pictures. Launched my Shearwater Sport today. Great boat. Went on a 3.2 mile trip with a youth group, on a winding creek. No wind, but tracked great even with the current. As the demensions would suggest, it is right between my 17LT and my wife's WD12, speed and stability wise.

My Greenland paddle was an experiment. I previously built a storm paddle and didn't like it much, too much hand movement. So, I built a full length paddle from a $2 Pine 2X4. It wieghs 2.5 lbs, I quit shaving it when it started flexing. Much better, only complaint was water dripping into the cockpit. One of my buddies commented on my funny looking paddle, so, I loaned it to him. He wouldn't give it back. I had to finish the trip with a regular paddle:-(

I tested out my boat and paddle, my wife stared down a Cotton mouth, our youth learned alot about small boats, all in all we had a good day

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RE: SWS & Greenland paddle

This is why we build boats.

Congratulations and we're looking forward to pictures.



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