Cockpit recess layout-Petrel

I am close to having to layout for the cockpit recess on a Petrel.  The kit came with a plywood piece for the recess, which I am using as a template to make a recess of strip material that I used for the deck.  In Nick's video he uses a paper template to mark the opening on the deck.  Is that the same template as used to make the recess piece?  If so, my thinking would be that I can make a paper pattern of the piece I have, and the fact that it will bend over the deck, will make the marks smaller than the opening needs to be, which is a good thing.  How do you allow for the aft piece that angles back and up from where it attaches to the flat piece?  Would like to find a way to cut a rough opening without a severe case of heart burn, worrying that too much will be cut away.

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RE: Cockpit recess layout-Petrel

If I recal there are two things that could help you.  I recall that  there are two plywood pieces, one for the flat recess and a second that gets bent around the back and slants up which acturally creates the recess.  If you put the two together you get the actual shape of the cut out. 

Second in the shop tips section there is a video of him cutting out the hole and installing strips crosswise to make the recess.  


RE: Cockpit recess layout-Petrel

Yeah, I have seen the video of using plywood... I have only done wood strips, which seems to be more eye pleasing..

Cut the hole and leave a 1/16 inch gap.  Start with a rasp file and file down close to the drawn line.  Then use a a straight and curved sanding blocks to smooth out the bumps.  I like to add a 1/16 inch wide contrasting accent strip around the recess.

The accent strip looks good, and gives a smoother surface to build out the croos strips.


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