exterior stem

Both Nick Schade's book and the tutorial videos have you install the laminated stem after the hull is glassed and the deck is on, then layer glass over it.  Is there a reason why yoy couldn't or wouldn't install the stem as you do the hull, deck over it, then glass it all in, including a layer just over the stem?  My opinion is what ever works for you, there aren't any set rules, just techniques.

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RE: exterior stem

You can do it either way, before fiberglassing or after. I usually laminate the external stems right after I fiinished stripping the hull.  I think the advantage is you can plane/sand/shape the external stem better without worrying about cutting into any fiberglass.


RE: exterior stem

Doing it after allows you to stain the hull, glass, and then use a contrasting wood for the stem.

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