Kaholo stitching question

I just finished stitching my kaholo together on Sunday, and while I am stoked with how well everything fits, especially since I have almost no woodworking experience an dbuilt from plans, there are a few areas where the sides are not flush with the bottom. It seems that all I need to do to fix this would be to remove the bulkheads in the problem areas, sand them down a bit, and then wire them back in.  Probably doing one bulkhead at a time so the board retains as much structural integrity as possible while I remove them.

Is this the best course of action here?

Also, for those who helped me out last problem I had, I didn't use any Luan, my awesome father in law went and picked up a piece of Okoume for me.

Thanks in advance


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RE: Kaholo stitching question

I had much the same issue with my Kaholo, and used exactly the fix you describe.  I used a marking gauge to scribe a line about 1/16" in from each of the two sides of each bulkhead, and sanded back to the lines.  If you don't have a marking gauge, it's easy to just use a straight edge and ruler to mark the lines parallel to the two edges.  Try to take the same amount off each side, so the over all shape of each bulkhead remains the same, and just keep taking a little off each side until they fit.  You can use coarse sandpaper wrapped around a straight piece of wood, a wood rasp, a sure-form, a block plane, or Shinto rasp to accomplish this. Not a difficult fix at all.  Just take your time, and all will be well.

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