Clamps: Spring versus C-Clamp

Will begin my first kayak build in 12 days (C18).  Any recommendations on choosing the spring clamp versus the c-clamp?

thank you.


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RE: Clamps: Spring versus C-Clamp

I would want the extra pressure you get with a c clamp. 

I suggest having 25 two in. c clamps.

Just to start.  And then get some spring clamps, bar clamps...


RE: Clamps: Spring versus C-Clamp

I used both, but I preferred spring clamps for most applicantions precisely because they don't exert as much pressure and thereby squeeze out too much glue. There are appropriate uses for both, but I used many more spring clamps than c-clamps.

RE: Clamps: Spring versus C-Clamp

Something I did not learn about until halfway through my build that I wish I had know abou sooner are the Irwin Quick Clamps.  Those things are awesome.  They provide more than enough length to clamp a strip onto a form, and you can apply and release them with one hand.  I have 8, and could have used twice as many on some of the longer strips.  You can easily control how much pressure is applied, and they go on fast.  Seriously, get a few.  You'll go back for more.  

Yeah, you also need a bunch of 2" spring clamps and a couple of c-clamps.  They all have thier place at various points in time.

There are times when you'll use everything in your arsenal to hold the most annoying strips in place...

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RE: Clamps: Spring versus C-Clamp

Basic rule of thumb: you cannot have too many clamps. That said, C-clamps are probably the least useful because they take two hands to operate. Most kayak clamping requires at least two hands, a foot, and an elbow or two, all at the same time (or so it seems).

I agree with the other commentators that Irwin clamps are terrific and you can never have enough of Home Depot's green spring clamps. Avoid the cheap imitation of Irwins, but praise the fact that there are none cheaper than the Home Depot clamps. You can save a lot by buying Irwins in multi-packs instead of individually.


RE: Clamps: Spring versus C-Clamp

All of the above!  You cant have enough clamps of all kinds.  With epoxy its not as much about compression as it is holding things in place.  Also, if you need a cheap alternative, you can make your own out of PVC pipe.  there is a section on this site that describes how to make them, I think in tips.  Good for light pressure and tricky curves.  Harbor Freight has really inexpensive C Clamps.  They seem fine and are like half the price of others.  Thats about the only tool I would buy from them though.  Have fun with the build!

RE: Clamps: Spring versus C-Clamp

At the risk of changing the subject without changing the subject line, I have to say that Harbor Freight's nitril-latex gloves can't be beat for epoxy work. They are thin but strong, come in a bunch of sizes, and last longer than any others I've tried. Don't bother with their foam rollers or brushes, though. I've had them break with the first stroke. -Wes

RE: Clamps: Spring versus C-Clamp

thank you for sharing your experience.


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