Hi All,

The Kaholo nose piece seems excessive to me. Has anybody built a Kaholo without the nose piece and just run the sheer clamps to the end?

Only prob I can see is getting at the bow fillet. I had the same problem with my pax 20 that I built without the bow flare. Difficult but doable.



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I ran the shear clamps all the way to the bow.  The thickened epoxy fillet in the bow was not difficult to apply.

I have always questioned why CLC does not run the shear clamps the entire length of the sides but stops them short of where the bow block fits.  Pperhaps it makes a kit build simpler. Stopping the shear clamps short of the bow creates a weak spot where the clamps and block meet.  It also makes for a discontentinuity in the stiffness of the sides when pulling the sides together to meet the bow.

Fitting shear clamps that run the entire length is not difficult.  As you pull the sides together make progressive saw cuts until you get a perfect fit.  Then drill some holes  through the shear clamps for the stitching wire and pull it together.

I added the block but it was probably not necessary.

Email me and I will send you some photos.  Cccanby@hotmail.com



Here I have run the shear clamps to the bow.  The block may have not been necessary for strength.  However, I did add the block and made it of fairly hard wood that would hold screws for a bow eye and painter.


Unfortunately I had already cut the sheer clamps to length before I realised that the nose block was unecceassy. 

There is an image of me fitting trimming the sheer clamps at the bow of my pax20 at the 57sec mark in this http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AAZVumRW3bU

Cheers for reply.

Anybody else see any value in using the nose block?


You could consider cutting a couple of scarfs and extending the shear clamps.  Even if you have  glued the shear clamps to the sides you can scaf on some shorts lengths.  I would because I do do not like that "hard" spot or discontinuity in where the clamps end and the nose block starts.


G'day Charlie.

I've already glued the clamps to the panels and am ready to stitch it all up, so I will just go with the nose cone for now.

If the nose doesn't fair well then I might scarf some extra pieces on.


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