Passagemaker Lug Rig mast step

I will be building the passagmaker with Lug Rig.

Would like to see what the Lug Rig Mast Step converstion looks like.

Posting a photo of one built showing the mast step would be great.



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RE: Passagemaker Lug Rig mast step


I built a Passagemaker Dinghy with the Lug Rig option two winters ago.

I LOVE IT !!! If you want to row (be it for lack of wind or thin water or desire to get a little work out...) you can simply dowse the sail and drop the mast (latter not necessary), roll up the sail and off you go.

The link below takes you to a few blog pages where you can clearly see the mast step. Later blog pages also include a few video clips of the boat in action.

Note that the step on the floor is secured not only with epoxy but also with bronze screws from underneath.

The set up is simple and perfect. My mast has some leather around the cuff and the foot in order to provide a snug fit and minimize abrasion.

Fair winds!


RE: Passagemaker Lug Rig mast step

If you go back on that blog you'll see a few pics of the earlier stages. I added an extra patch of fiber glass right underneath the step for extra strength.

When I did my lug rig, the manual really did not yet provide any info specific to the lug rig which I (as a first time builder) needed. However I received much encouragement and useful direction from John Harris in regard to the step and spars.

Fresh Breezes!

Chris (Pittsburgh, PA)


RE: Passagemaker Lug Rig mast step

Thanks your PMD is beautiful!



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