12 year old epoxy

I recently purchased a Chesapeake 16 lt kit that has evidently been stored since it was purchased in 2000. The wood seems fine but I'm concerned about the epoxy. The hardener is a medium amber color, though the resin is clear. I contacted John Harris who suggested I try a test batch, which I'm doing right now. While I'm waiting to see how it looks on test scraps and solidifies mixed withe celofil and wood flour, I thought I'd ask this distinguished group of builders if anyone has any experience with this. Should I just use it if the test appears to harden well? Should I replace the hardener, or both the resin and hardener? Remember that to do this will add a couple hundred to my project cost, which is not huge but not insignificant either.

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RE: 12 year old epoxy

Cheap insurance, buy replacement for piece of mind. Although it poses an expense it is the first of many, from chip brushes, paint, primer, paint trays, etc.....you might want to have a bit exta on hand as I have nearly completed a build and purchased extra already.

RE: 12 year old epoxy

I've used 6-year old epoxy where the hardener was brown & smelled like a diaper pail. It worked fine. Go with the test results.


RE: 12 year old epoxy

Bear in mind you will be putting a lot of time and effort in this project.

My experience with epoxy over that past 30 years is that epoxy will last a very long time if never opened.  Hardner is a different matter. I have had some that never cured up well.  If it turns out it does not cure properly you are stuck with it. Myself I would start fresh.  I have some that is only 2 years old but has been used and I will not chance it on my next build this winter.


RE: 12 year old epoxy

Test results: the mixture of the honey colored hardener and the resin did not appear to gain the normal strength in 24 hours. I could still indent it with my finger tip. 

A second test using the 12 year old resin and new hardener produced great results.

  So for anyone who may be in my situation, you may get away with only having to buy new hardener!


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