Price for SW Sport Hybrid

We are having a yard sale this weekend, and I have thought about selling my Shearwater Sport Hybrid, then do another one with a modified cockpit for my wife, and a Petrel for me.  I was thinking of pricing it at $3200, and decide not to go lower than $3000.  I don't need to sell it, I really do enjoy it, but I try to keep my vices self supporting.  Does this sound like a reasonable price?  I also don't have high expectations of a sale, but then again, I did sell a strip conoe I built, several years ago in the same situation.

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RE: Price for SW Sport Hybrid

There is a very limited market for hand-built kayaks, when you can buy a top-quality tupperware boat for $3000. I now people who have picked up beautiful hand-built boats from estate sales for a few hundred dollars. Nevertheless, a professionally built hybrid would go for about $4000, so your price is probably reasonable if you did a careful job of building. -Wes

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