John's Sharpie Question

I am thinking of building a John's Sharpie as a family day sailer.  I need to fit two adults and two small children.  I would like to be able to fit two adults.  I also need to be able to single hand.  Does anyone have any feedback on if this boat is a viable option?  I am no longer close enough to CLC to attend Okumefest so I cannot try one out.





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RE: John's Sharpie Question


The John's Sharpie will fit your specified crew just fine.  In fact, the more the merrier for ballast, as she is quite tender, and difficult to rescue when swamped. I am currently considering modifications to improve buoyancy forward, as the bow buoyancy tank does not seem to be adequate to keep the water below gunnels when swamped, and therefore impossible to bail. For this reason, I have only singlehanded in the lightest of winds and where assistance is readily available.


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