Kaholo finally finished

Finally completed my Kaholo 14. I built the board from plans rather than going the kit route. Overall, it went together pretty easily. The only real issue I had was putting together the three pieces which make up the bottom of the hull. The instruction manual makes a passing mention that you need to  overlap the two pieces but doesn't say by how much nor is an illustration provided. Mine was off a bit which resulted in some difficulty when it came time to wire down the bottom to the sides. It's not pretty but fortunately that part sits in the water! :)  

The finished board weighs in at 35 pounds. Not too bad for a first time build and considering it's painted and includes a deck plate. Am glad I didn't glass the deck which would have added more weight. If I build another one I'll probably invest in a HVLP sprayer for the finish work. Applying the paint and varnish by hand was a tedious pain. I'd also probably save and not use Interlux paint. I'm not convinced it's needed given how little time the board spends in the water. It's also really toxic smelling - not good if you're building in an attached garage. 

Completed Kaholo 14

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RE: Kaholo finally finished

Heh that looks great to me, should be heaps of fun. congadulations, the wood looks very nice against the blue, Im looking at the same for my next build so thanx for taking the time to post some Pics,,,,

RE: Kaholo finally finished

looks really nice! I like the color against the bright work.

RE: Kaholo finally finished

Looks great.  You will turn lots of heads and get a lot of comments, "Did you build that."?  You  will find that you have a fast, rugged board compared to the Round Nose foam boards and a far superior board to the inflatables.

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