feathercraft rudder centering block

I installed the feathercraft rudder system on a CH18 and am very happy with the effectiveness of the rudder. But stowing the rudder in the plastic centering block is a real pain for me. Maybe I'm not as flexible as I used to be, but contorting around to see and center the rudder over the centering block is near impossible for me. I can get it close by feel of the footbrace position, but we're talking very small tolerances. I have only successfully stowed the rudder once in two outings after many attempts. So my question is, has anyone come up with a neat way to make it easier to center the rudder before stowing? I'm thinking about cutting some brass straps out of 16 gage, bending to a proper shape and forming a wider 'V' target with the straps. I've seen a commercial kayak with something similar in plastic. And I think I recall one of the CLC showroom kayaks with a large wooden 'V'. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

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RE: feathercraft rudder centering block

it does not give much info but yes, make your own.  http://www.clcboats.com/shoptips/fitting_out/vee_blocks.html

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