Dory/Skerry tiller yoke

The instructions for the dory show the tiller yoke epoxied permanently to the rudder.  Has anyone devised a method in which tiller yoke can be easily removed from the rudder.  A single piece yoke-rudder appears to be unwieldy for storage (in or out of the boat), but a disassembled yoke and rudder as separate pieces easier to handle, especially out on the water if you want to row home, eg.  I've wondered about simply building up the slot in the yoke to strengthen it, sliding it over the top of the rudder, and then holding it in place with a removable pin going thru the rudder.  You see this in pictures of old boats.  Thanks for ideas.  Frank 

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RE: Dory/Skerry tiller yoke

Rather than pins consider some sort of wedges to pull all slack out of the join.

RE: Dory/Skerry tiller yoke

I've had A LOT of problems with the rudder/tiller on my Northeaster Dory... so when the joint finally snapped (mid sail), I replaced it with a new system:

Square stock aluminum with 4 holes drilled (two top thru bottom), screwed into top of rudder, where the tiller had been epoxied.  about 2x2"

smaller square stock aluminum tiller which fits snuggly into the the hollow 2x2" square ontop of the tiller.  This tiller also has 4 corresponding holes, which I have bolts and wing nuts for. 

When I go row out, I have it disassembled, then I slide the tiller into the fitting, bolt it, and put the rudder in.  It works just the same.


This doesn't solve the basic problems the rudder has tacking up wind in a strong current.



RE: Dory/Skerry tiller yoke

Antone, are you fighting the tiller due to weather/lee helm?

If so it is a balance issue that needs addressed.

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