Suggestion For My Next Build

I've already built a Shearwter 17 S&G, and a Shearwater Hybrid, and I'd like to build a full stripper next. I can't decide what to build.

I really like the Shearwater. What I really want to do is build a a stripper that most closely resembles it in characteristics: Greenland Style, fine bow entry, flared sides, V bottom, hard chines, etc. I went to the demo in Yonkers yesterday, to try the Petrel and Night Heron. I didn't see a regular NH, so I tried the Hi-Deck version. Surprisingly, the Petrel felt much more stable than the Heron, I was expecting the opposite. Unfortunately, the space allowed to paddle was limited, and I couldn't  really try either kayak at "sprint" pace, or evaluate the tracking. I liked the maouverability of the Petrel, but it seemed almost TOO "manouverable"-hard to keep on course. I'd lean towards the Petrel, but frankly, neither boat felt like waht I wanted. Any suggestions?

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RE: Suggestion For My Next Build

With a couple boats done..have you checked out program to design you're own.. it is ausome...

RE: Suggestion For My Next Build


Sorry for the lack of space. Next year we'll move some of those pesky rocks. ;-)

Did you try putting the skeg down in the Petrel? It makes a big difference. I'm fabricating one for the Petrel I'm building.


RE: Suggestion For My Next Build

Send an email to Nick Schade.  Since the strip boats are his design, he should have some helpful comments and he is a very helpful guy.

My building progretion was much like yours.  A Mill Creek 16.5 S&G first followed by a Shearwater 17H.  I am now building the 11 Ft Little Auk.  You will find the all strip consrtuction to be a nice step up in challenge.  Good luck with whatever you build.


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