WARNING re: Keepers footbraces

If you think you might eventually install a rudder using the Smart Track system, you'll find the mounting hole separation is 14 1/2" on Smart Track footbraces. I found that the mounting holes on my Keepers footbraces are 14 5/8" apart, having just removed them from my West River 180.  I do not know the mounting hole separation on the aluminum footbraces sold by CLC, tho the description by CLC says 14 1/2."  This is not a heart breaker for me, as I'll just enlarge the edges of both holes to accommodate my new footbraces.

It could be a Keepers quality control issue or just plain incompatibility.  Due to their all-plastic construction, Keepers aren't durable for long term paddling anyway--Keepers are not keepers.

I have found Sea Dog footbraces mounting holes are also 14 1/2" apart.  I hope Keepers has adopted the 14 1/2" standard that seems to be the standard.  If not, I hope that CLC will either make the discrepancy clear or just not offer them.

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RE: WARNING re: Keepers footbraces

I have a set of Keepers that are also 14 5/8 on center but have not used them. Since it appears they are molded-in holes, I don't think it is a quality control issue, just a dimension difference. I opted for the CLC aluminum footbraces that are 14 1/2 on center.

I'm working on a rudder install, as well on a chesapeake, but using the Feathercraft system and will post some pics on a seperate post pretty soon. 

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