Take apart with other CLC kayaks.

Having already built three CLC kayaks, I am wondering if the extra bulkheads and reinforcements could be retrifitted into an already built boat.   I am thinking more for checking the parts as suitcases on a flight to somewhere.  

I am thinking the main problem would be cleaning out the fillets so that a second bulkhead and the reinforcements could fit flush to the existing bulkhead.  

Possibly cut very carefully just against the bulkhead and through the fillet. then trace an exact duplicate of the existing bulkhead. and fit it into the open end. 

Are there drawings I could look at of the existing bulkhead and reinforcement arrangement or is there a set of plans that might be purchased that would give details.  

I may just give it a go on my oldest kayak 

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Maybe CLC could sell a conversion kit?



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