Wider strips for building

Cleaning out my shop, I found a trove of 5/4 WRC rips left over from a job a couple of years ago.  Has anyone built anything using 7/8" - 1" strips compared to 3/4"  I was thinking about a Petrel, using the wider strips for the hull, then going to 3/4" for the deck.  The thickness would be 3/16" so they should bend and conform relatively easy.  Thickness planing them to 3/4" would mean almost a 25% decrease in surface area.

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RE: Wider strips for building

Wider strips can look fine and save a lot of time in areas that do not require bending the strips sideways. Most often these areas are on relatively flat decks. For other areas, you will save a lot of aggrevation and sanding if you rip the wide strips down the middle. -Wes

RE: Wider strips for building

 We have two Wood Duck Hybrids, the first one was all 3/4" wide strips, the stock for the second was 1" wide and I had no problems with it at all. These were not bead and cove, we hand planed everything and there were no issues with the wider strips on this design.

 Here's a picture of them side by side and you can tell the difference. Separate the boats and it's not noticable. The dark cedar on the second boat is 3/4" stock leftover from the first build, you can see the difference there.


RE: Wider strips for building

I used wider strips on the rear deck of the Petrel I am working on...

Definitely happy with the eae and the result

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