brightsides full cure time

What is brightsides full cure time? How long should I wait to turn hull over for topside varnish? Final coat was @ 80 F and 30% humidity.



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RE: brightsides full cure time

I usually will wet sand after 12 hours. I dont think "Full" cure is for days.

But I have not had any issues with the finishing I am doing on my Kaholo with a 12 hour dwell before flipping.



RE: brightsides full cure time

My experience is that it takes a couple of weeks for Brightsides to fully cure, but that it is hard enough to turn over the boat within 24 hours.

Instead of varnish on the topsides, try Minwax Helmsman Marine Urethane. It is clearer, harder, easier to apply, and costs half as much as varnish. I've had it on my Merganser deck for three years now with no sign of deterioration. It gets a lot of positive comments because it does not dull the color of the wood the way varnish does.


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