Customizing Wherry

Coming along with my first build- Annapolis Wherry.  Ready to varnish and paint (and did I mention sand...).  Looking forward to getting this gal out for a spin.

Did a few cosmetic alterations-

Transom Cap-


Inwales and breasthook-


Cheers, and thanks to all who posted helpful hints on this forum for us newbies.

Hickory,  in Seattle

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RE: Customizing Wherry

Would love to see your photos.  You might check "Help on including photos in your forum posts" at the start of the forum.  Could not get your pictures to come up.  I am just starting to varnish my Wherry.

RE: Customizing Wherry

I too am just beginning the varnish- first coat this morning.  It went on easier than I thought. I was kind of paranoid after reading alot of comments.

I'm going to paint the outside hull, you?

Regarding the pictures, there are 26 in the two albums I posted on photobucket, which would be alot to individually copy to this sites format.

You can simply highlight the http address in the note above, and right click to open the little box.  In that box click "open link in new tab" and that will open the album without losing your spot on this site.  That works for all these kind of postings.

I hope that works for you.


RE: Customizing Wherry

Still not able to pull up your pictures.  Has anyone else had better luck?  I would think that with the number of Wherry builders out there, that you would have quite a few comments, if the pictures were available.

I am painting the hull of my Wherry white with a 1 3/4" dark green stripe at the sheer.  The interior and transom will be finished bright.

RE: Customizing Wherry

Hmmm.. strange that you couldn't open those photo collections.  Atleast one other person did, and commented on another thread (Kathy D).

What happens when you click to open the link, or maybe just try to paste it in your browser?   Photobucket is one of the more common tools to share albums.  The CLC forum is hard to post more than just a few, since they don't have the capacity to store lots of data.

Are you getting close to launching yours?  I've got atleast two more varnish coats on top, and then the 2 coats pre-kote and off-white paint on the outside hull.  Launch time depends on how cooperative the weather is, maybe 2-3 weeks.



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