Great Auk hatches

After finishing my 1st shearwater 17, I was extatic to find an incomplete Great Auk 17 strip built. The two halves have not been joined, bulkheads need to be built, the coaming is not yet done and the hatches are yet to be cut. Unfortunately, the previous owner no longer had any of the build instructions as he started the project over 10 years ago. I'm trying to understand from photos how the hatches on this design are secured to the boat. A rigging system underneath the deck to the cockpit? Any pointers or links to blogs are welcome :)


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RE: Great Auk hatches

I built a smaller Auk & I got a lot of infromation out of Nick's first book.  It might be in there. I have since loaned the book to a friend and no longer have a copy.


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