carbon fiber padeyes

I am going to use carbon fiber padeyse for the bungees on the forward and aft deck.  I can't decide if they should be installed parallel to the outside edge of the deck, or perpendicular to the deck edge.  If installed perpendicular the could also be used for a deck line lead. I care more about esthetics.  I forgot what was on the deck of the demo boats I saw in Florida.

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RE: carbon fiber padeyes

I just put 9 of these on my WD12H and they are best installed parallel to the sheer line.  They are molded on a completely flat surface so they will have the best plug and play fit on a competely flat surface.  However, if you do want to put them perpendicular to the centerline of the boat, I would suggest shaping the two "feet" on the padeyes to match the curvature of the area of the boat you are installing it on.  I learned this the hard way in that I placed four of them at about a 45 degree angle to the sheer line and only about half of each "foot" was touching the deck.  So I had to wait for the epoxy to set up and then go back and put more in under each foot.  It's quite easy to do..the small gap just sucks the epoxy up through capillary action.  But, if I were to do it again I would carve/ sand them to fit the curvature of the deck.  Hope this helps!

RE: carbon fiber padeyes

I think I will do the padeyes parallel to the deck edge.  I will take the advice of fitting them  to the arch of the deck.  I am thinking about using PSA sandpaper stuck to the deck where the padeyes will be installed, and just run the padeyes over the paper to contour them to fit.

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