Kaholo Bulkheads

Just got my kit and am getting started on my K14.

After reading throught the manual, I have one question.

Do I filet both faces of the bulkhead where they meet the bottom and sides, or just on one face ot eh bulkheads?


Thanks for the input.



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RE: Kaholo Bulkheads

I fileted on both sides of my bulk heads.  From my understanding of the plans and booklet I believe that we are supposed to filet every joint on all sides for strength but this is my first build as well, and I know that everyone wants to balance strength with adding additional weight.  If you are just starting then you have a little time before you have to filet anything.  Be patient and I am certain that one of the more experienced builders will answer your question more clearly.  I have found this forum very helpful in the past. Welcome and good luck,



Lake County, B.C. 

RE: Kaholo Bulkheads



Thanks for the response.

Actually i have two Wood Ducks and a Sassafras under my belt. And yes this forum is a great resource.

My gut is to go forward as you did (I am an engineer, I think I lean towards strong!) However while waiting for the kit toarrive I have read alot of postings about weight. There is alot of wory over weight amongst the builders.

I think that fillets all around and a strong focus on all of the filets in the boat being neat and controlled in size is probably the way to go.

I hope you enjoy your Kaholo!



RE: Kaholo Bulkheads

I am also concerned about weight as I am not doing the kit build but rather am doing a strip build. I have read that the cedar absorbs more epoxy than the plywood so I am expecting it to weigh in higher than the other Kaholo's out there. I am trying to keep the filets light to compensate but also don't want to sacrifice too much strength. Will see how things work out soon.  Ice is almost off the lake so the pressure is on to get it done now :) 


RE: Kaholo Bulkheads

I have to believe that the little extra weight will not bother you nearly as much as your board falling apart when it hits the water. My Kaholo may be 10lbs heavier than the average, but I'm 10lbs lighter than I used to be, so I'm calling it even. When in doubt, slather that stuff wherever you think it may help. No one will see in inside of your board, hopefully. 



RE: Kaholo Bulkheads

yes....I did both sides of the bulkheads.   That is what the instructions seem to call for and better safe than sorry as it relates to strenght.   Remember....you won't be able to get back in there later and strenghten up anything so now is your chance.

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