Chesapeake 16 - just starting!

Hi All,

Just wanted to introduce myself as a new builder and hope I'm not causing unnecessary spam!  I've never had a go at boatbuilding before (but I'm a sailing addict) and the building manual has proved to be very comprehensive.  I'm having a crack at the Chesapeake 16 as it fits me and my garage!  I've a young family and so as much as I've got my eyes well and truly glazed over by the PocketShip, I've kept my feet on the ground and gone for a boat which I can pause as necessary without too much issue.  If you'd like to follow the blog I'm doing (never done a blog before either!) its here:

Cheers all, see you out on the water!


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RE: Chesapeake 16 - just starting!


Welcome to the forum! Let me be the first to warn you this is an addictive hobby and you won't be able to stop at one boat. Those kids might just need some Ducklings someday.....

George K

RE: Chesapeake 16 - just starting!

Welcome to the group Pete! We welcome all, even if they do steal chalk from the kiddies! Come to think of it, chalk could probably be used as a filler to add colour to the fillets if they were going to be left unpainted! It would be a constant reminder of the theft though.

When using the chalk line to establish a straight line, make sure it is tight, or just a bit above the surface. With friction and fuzzy chalk line, it is possible for it to be a bit off tot he side. Of course, if you snap it, it should take care of itself.

I have a six foot long aluminum "yard stick" but it is calibrated in inches. I really want to find one with metric calibration. It will be extremely useful.

As George mentioned, itis addictive. Keep your eyes on the PocketShip! I have yet to build a CLC design, but have plans for a WD10, EP Pram and the PocketShip. I'm hoping to start on the kayak and the pram this spring. I hope to start the PockeetShip next winter, but one step at a time. I did however acquire 335.5 lbs of lead yesterday for ballast, but you won't need that for the CH16.

keep on building - Keith

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