Looking for some input on varnish selection.  I am building a Kaholo with wood strip cedar, black walnut and poplar.  When I add the varnish I don't want the color of the poplar to yellow. Can i use a water based varnish on a boat / board, as I know frOm previous experience that water based wont yellow whereas oil based will? 


If I can use water based varnish does anyone have any recommendations on a brand?






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RE: Varnish

I do custom woodworking and finishing for a living and I've used waterbased finishes almost exclusively in my shop for the past 8 years. I've built a few CLC kayaks and I don't think I would use any waterbased finish on a boat. It might work, and might hold up ok for a few years, but when it breaks down, it's likely to require the finish to be fully stripped and sanded, whereas an oil-based varnish can be touched up and recoated periodically. I use Epifanes for my kayaks and other exterior woodwork. The slight yellowing effect of varnish rarely looks bad. We call it "warmth". ;)

RE: Varnish

Thank you Larry - order placed :)

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