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I am decking my Shearwater sport hybrid, and progressing nicely.  Looking ahead, how do you get the last strips in?  I have two strips around the shear, and I am running the deck strips parrallel to the King Plank.  What is the trick to getting the last bead and cove strips in against the shear strips? they are short, so won"t bend that easily.  I did leave the cove on the shear strips.  Looking back, maybe I should have ripped the cove off, and scribe a flat edge to a flat edge, but too late now.

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RE: Last strips


Sorry that it has taken so long for someone to respond to your question.

The answer to your question is in Nick Schade's book ( Building Strip-Planked Boats ).  Pages 111 to 114.

Some CLC kit's come with this book. If yours did not then you should order one.  It is a great tool for building.


RE: Last strips

thats why they call the last strip the wiskey strip! 

RE: Last strips


you can find more to this here

I forgot to cut bead and cove too during my first build too. Both can be cut with a sharp knife (I used a carpet knife for this). It's not easy, but it can be done. With this you get the straight hole walls needed to insert the very last strip.

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