bow eye loop

I am getting ready to install a bow eye loop in my Chester Yawl.  CLC (John) advised me on where on the bow stem to install it.  Does anyone have any suggestions for how to install?  For example, I could drill the holes for the loop and backfill with marine grade silicone.  Or I could try and fill around the metal with thickened epoxy. Regardless of what I fill the holes with, is it advised to employ the drill-fill-drill method to keep wood edges away from potential water contact?

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RE: bow eye loop

Definitely use d-f-d to waterproof the holes. While thickend epoxy is great for that, for the actual sealant you want something flexible to absorb the stresses without developing chips that turn into micro leaks.I'd recommend either a marine sealant, or if you don't want the mess, rubber gaskets.



RE: bow eye loop

Thanks much Laszlo.

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