Getting started Chesapeake 17!

Okay 2 questions:

1. How tight should the puzzle joints be? They are snug a bit large with a dry fit. I almost think I'll need to tap with a rubber mallet in the current state. Afraid that the plywood edges may fray and mar the finish if I force it.

2. The Hull panel pieces are different tones. Will this still be the case with a bright finish? Not sure I would like the finish if it stays different and would then consider painting or staining the hull. (The deck will be stripped)

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RE: Getting started Chesapeake 17!

I'm not sure about your color issues but would try some very fine grit sanding to see if that affects the color.  As for the puzzle joints, the silica/epixy mixture will act somewhat as a lubrecant when you put them together.

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