chesapeake 18 finished!

Here are some pics(hopefully) of my just finished CH18. If the weather works out, maybe a maiden voyage next week. Thanks to the folks at CLC who cheerfully answered my many questions on several visits to the shop over the past few months.


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RE: chesapeake 18 finished!

just a few more pics. Ok, just playing around now. 

RE: chesapeake 18 finished!

Nice!!!!. Now, enjoy it.


RE: chesapeake 18 finished!

The green bars are an interesting touch. Is there a story behind them? And the extra carry handles in the center are quite a clever and practical innovation.

Neat boat.



RE: chesapeake 18 finished!

great looking boat. the green bars give the impression of speed.

RE: chesapeake 18 finished!


there is a little bit of story behind the bars. Originally, I was leaning toward painting the hull and varnishing the deck. But my wife swayed me to all varnish. But I gooned up one of the side panel joints by oversanding and ended up with an ugly dark splotch. So I was trying to come up with some sort of swooping graphic that would go up one side, over the deck and down the other side. I remembered that one of my friends had a power boat years ago, that had a simple slanted stripe down the sides. It looked cool and made the boat look fast, even when it was sitting still. So that's what I went with. The forward stripe is just wide enough to cover the puzzle joint and the filled deck beam screw hole and the aft stripe just covers the puzzle joint. I think the width proportions come out about right. Heh, as far as making the boat look fast, with my paddling skills, I'll take any help I can get! ;)

I think I got the side handle idea somewhere off the CLC site. The Kaholo has them. So far, they seem to realy help when moving the boat around single handed. Plus, when out with friends, it will give them something convenient to hang on to when barging. 

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