Breather tube/plug for enclosed deck?

if building a boat that does not have hatches e.g front deck of a pax 20, is a breather tube or a scew plug required for air expansion? I live in a hot climate and have been paddling surfskis for a number of years now, they have all had a plug that is left open when not in the water. hollow surfboards and the kaholo all require some way of allowing hot air to escape. The seams of a surfski are far less substantial than the px 20 woith its shear clamps, so perhaps the increased pressure from hot air inside isn't such an issue. Thoughts anybody?

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RE: Breather tube/plug for enclosed deck?

The Gospel According to the Old Boatbuilder says you MUST have some kind of opening, but my wife's CH16LT has lasted lo these many years without one. It's been 5 years that it's had its sealed front compartment and it hasn't exploded or rotted yet.

Ditto fro the flotation compartments on my sailing dinghy, except they've been sealed for over 10 years.

FWIW, that's been in Washington, DC climate all that time.



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