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Hi, I have seen various Kaholo builds that use larger fins than those provided for in the plans. As I plan to use mine mainly in bay and lake paddling (and hopefully racing), I'm after good tracking. Has anyone used different fin setups on a Kaholo 14', and if so, have any recommendations for fin sizes, shapes or setups? Should I install fin boxes to allow for adjustments? I'm not a surfer so this is new to me, but I've got the SUP bug so will be asking lots of questions...hopefully I can learn a lot and help others in the future! Thanks, Darren Melbourne, Australia

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RE: Kaholo fins

I made a single fin based on a template from a jamie mitchell sup fin that's made by Future fins. 9 inches, foiled out of 6mm birch ply and 2 layers 4oz glass, glassed on mid way between last two bulkheads.  Works great.  Lots of ideas for fins, construction, placement, etc. on the interwebb.

RE: Kaholo fins

I am going to be putting in windsurfing board fin boxes so that I can change to different fins depending on paddling conditions. Also, because I am going to install a windsurfing sail mast box on the deck so I can sail the board as well and want to be able to use a fin more suited for that purpose.

These fins boxes come in the traditional surfboard "A" box which lets you adjust the fin back and forth, or you can use a "power" or "tuttle" box which will allow you to use a powerbase or tuttle base fin which fits tightly into the box with no movement.   I think fin boxes are a little more work to install but definitely a good option to consider if you want to be able to change fins depending on what you are doing.

RE: Kaholo fins

Larry, Gray Whale , nice of you to post here. I have been paddleing my Kaholo 14 for a couple months now and am close to 400 miles. Just getting a feel for it. Very fine board, you did a fine job. I can not comment on your twin fin set up but imagine it works well. I have been experimenting with fins( I make my own) have done 8 different set ups so far and am just getting started. The worst fin set ups have been deep fins I did a jimmy Lewis 13.5 SUP wave fin and it was horrible . The board was tippy and did not track very well but worst was the depth of the fin which would hit on everything .  I did a side by side set up with fins about 9 inches long and narrow base and it was  better at tracking but even more tippy than the Jimmy. My best shot so far has been a wide base side by side that is very shallow but gave me unlimited tracking,could paddle forever without changeing sides and makeing coarse corrections just by shifting weight. Second best has been a single big wide base D fin which I could get 140 to 150 strokes per side in calme conditions or 65 to 85 paddling into the wind. my worst fins would get me 18 to 28.  The nice thing about the wide base fins is they make the board so much more stable.  The side by side have a little more drag but it is not a problem. As far as weight goes it is the combined weight of the board and paddler that makes a difference and the weight of the board is not so important except for lifting it out of the water. The Kaholo can hold its own against any 14 footer out there. It is a better deal than a epoxy glass board as it is very solid and can take the dings that would do major damage to a epoxy glass board.  I paddle 1,600 plus miles each year so my Kaholo and I should become good friends over time. Aloha-Ahui hou , Mark (aka-Wood_Ogre)

RE: Kaholo fins

Mark, I second Larrys request. I'm a novice and don't know what you mear by a WIDE BASE FIN  Love to see some pix. [email protected] SEEYA Jack

RE: Kaholo fins


Thanks for the replies.  Sorry it's taken me a while to get back on here, the SUP was put on hold due to some other priorities.

Sounds like the twin fin (original) setup is the way to go.  Why mess with what works? :-)  I do plan to paddle in rivers and estuaries so low profile and weed shedding are important, I just wanted to ensure it would track well for racing.

Will elt you know how it goes - will be finished by the end of Dec for a New Years Eve launch.


P.S. Mark - I'd be interested to see your fin setup too if you read this: darren.ryan @ optusnet.com.au


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