Madness Sailing Video

Clips from the launch and first sail of the 31-foot proa, "Madness." John Pollard and John Harris undertook the shakedown sail, about five hours down the Wye River and out into Eastern Bay and back. We started out under single-reefed mainsail alone, added a 110% jib, and sailed home under full mainsail alone. The boat was definitely not "dialed in" yet---there were sundry issues with halyard tension and so on, but we still managed 15.1 knots in one burst. We were busy tinkering, and there was no accompanying photo boat or second unit, so the videography isn't fancy.

The web page for Madness, and the construction video, is here.

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RE: Madness Sailing Video

Here's a sort of walking tour of the proa:

RE: Madness Sailing Video

That has to be one heck of a rush to test drive such an innovative sailing craft. Congrats, John, to you and the team! Someone(s) should get an honorary PHD in sail boat rigging ;). Thanks, and looking forward to more updates.

RE: Madness Sailing Video


Impressive how little wake there is. Also missing is the tacking maneuver, however. How about a video showing that process (including grabbing the beer)?

Congrats & enjoy zipping around the Bay in your new toy.



RE: Madness Sailing Video


Is the kit still at $4000?  How much does it weigh (the kit)?  Will it fit in my pickup? (6ft x 3ft 10in). Why doesn't Toyota make it 4ft between wheel wells?  There is space!!

How much to ship the kit to Bucksport, Maine?

Anyway, super job.  I've got to build one of these!!


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