kaholo breather tube

I have just finished my first kaholo and am wondering if there is another choice for the breather. I built from plans so i am looking for something less obtrusive. any idea will help. thanks

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RE: kaholo breather tube

Do a search for goretex vents/breathers.


RE: kaholo breather tube

I built a water tight 8' x8' box in the forward section of my Kaholo with a 1/32" breather holes in each of it's 4 sides close to the underside of the deck. I installed an 8' screw in access port in the deck and drilled a 1/16" hole in the center of it. I use the box for storage, snacks, keys etc. I fall off a lot and so far no water in the box. SEEYA Jack

RE: kaholo breather tube

You can go unobtrusive and fancy = $$$ with goretex vents, as in at leastv two for a board the size of Kaholo, or just use the CLC style vent.  I made a CLC style vent with a 1-hole stopper, couple 1/8" plastic hose fittings (auto parts store) and a piece if tubing. It works. Not worried about the open tube taking on water as all you need to do is pop the stopper out and drain the board.

Some folks tend to over think vents. KISS . . .


RE: kaholo breather tube

Why not just install the standard epoxy windsurfing or SUP board vent plug that you screw in tightly while on the water and then loosen while the board is out? These are only about 1/2 - 3/4" dia. and sit flush with the deck.

  They are epoxied into a reinforced hole in the deck.  Very unobtrusive and hardly even noticeable unless you know where to look. On a lot of epoxy/glass SUP's they are placed forward near the end of the deck pad and you don't even see them.   

RE: kaholo breather tube

That was my backup idea, Chuck, justa simple vent screw. Problem is I have a serious case of CRS so I would soon forget to loosen vent screw and . . .  Daughter has taken severalmvoyages on the Kaholo and so far nary a drop of water shipped through the CLC design breather.

RE: kaholo breather tube

Actually, LMF, stopper/tube deal may be considered ugly by some - mI kinda went yuck at first glance, but in practice hardly anyone notices it. The few who ask what it is (we're all SUP novices) and when I explain they go "Neat" or "Cool".

My thought for the future would be a round head plug with a hole drilled dead center. A small hole = 1/32" or so. Large enough to vent, small enough that it wouldn't take much water if the nose burys in a wave.

So far a few folks have taken the Kaholo I built for my daughter for a spin and love it. I liked it as well, but with an affliction of the binner ear which has some fancy medical name and affects my equilibrium to a small degree, staying upright is a challange. But hey, getting wet is no big deal!


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