Bend wood without steam

Posted this here already, but I think it can be better found under the new subject :-)).

I've just put a video on youtube.

How to create a great looking coaming lip with bent wood strips (cherry and ash).

Instructable showing

-how to build a cheap wood bending tool (for fast and dry bending)

cheap wood bending tool

-how to use it

-how to glue the coaming strips together

-the result


-the reward for all that work



Rudi from Switzerland

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RE: Bend wood without steam

There are several heating irons for bending wood available from luthier suppliers.   Although they are more costly than the one in the video they are electric and do not require a torch and an open flame.

RE: Bend wood without steam

thanx for the idea. My bender was originally used to create top and bottom ring parts for drums :-).

Inspired by your answer I've found some other opportunities too in the mean time:

  - a german guy used an old pan upside down with five candles under it
    (and no, he has not burnt down his garage so far)

  - somebody else used and old electric iron

  - arabic ouda builders bend their wood over an open fire
    (not recommended to do that in your garage or living room)

  - I've seen something similar with a long stretched narrow fire-line
    used to heat a really thick wet wood plank used to build a
    fisherman's boat in Southern Italy some time ago

  - somebody else use the gas torch alone to heat the wood

Seems that there are a lot of different opportunities ... safe ones and all the others

Happy bending!

RE: Bend wood without steam

If you lay the wood to be bent atop some bubble wrap, then heat a damp towel in the microwave and place it atop the wood.  THEN, wrap it up in the bubble wrap and let "STEAM" for 12 to 18 minutes, the ash/oak/spruce  will bend easily...~BRUCE~

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