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Sea Kayak

RE: Sea kayak image

ea Kayak..

RE: Sea kayak image


You posted the URL of the web page that holds the image, not of the image itself. The software tried to interpret the picture frame as the photo and got confused, showing you nothing.


The first time you did the same thing, just with a bigger frame. The next time you left a superfluous "?" on the URL.

In any case, the image is too big to post here. It's can't be more than 500 pixels wide to fit. The full size image is here.

Pete again,

That's a lovely boat. The inlay around the edges of the deck is quite a masterful touch and the image composition is pretty spectacular. A couple of buddies, a new boat and a beach at sunrise. All that's missing is the beer and the dog. Which one is the builder?

Here's a reduced version to whet people's appetites:


I'd say have fun but you obviously are. So good job, instead,



RE: Sea kayak image

A superwhat? To see the full size image put the ? at the end of the url.

And a great kayak.  Wish I had the skills to do that. 

 Thank You Lazlo



RE: Sea kayak image

It looks great. Make sure you look at all images. Now the other guy will want to build one and paddle with you.


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